Yin Atelier 尹欣巴黎工作室

Yin Atelier

Yin's latest venture is an atelier showroom in Paris on the left bank in the heart of St-Germain-des-Prés, a spacious gallery to both showcase his unique paintings and provide a salon for creative and intellectual debate and conversation.  The space is adorned with Yin's works whose influences draw from his roots in Chinese Turkestan and his embrace of Paris, and was designed by the artist in order to facilitate a welcome environment for painting aficionados and the aesthetically minded to gather. The showroom is nestled among the Ecole-des Beaux-Arts, the Delacroix Museum and the Church of St-Germain-des-Prés.

4, rue Cardinale. 75006 Paris

Tel:+ 33 1 43 29 36 86.   

Mobile: + 33 6 08 83 11 48

E-mail: yinxinatelier@gmail.com

Artist life

Yin was born in Kashgar, Chinese Turkestan. He began his career painting Communist political slogans on walls  in China during the Cultural Revolution without comprehending their significance.. After completing art school in Xian, he travelled around the world exhibiting his work, eventually settling in Paris in 1994 to live and work. Paris opened up to him and he instantly felt that he had finally found home.  His creative life and the rest of his persona are so tightly wound that he is now a most Parisian Chinese painter, though he feels strongly that he is first an artist and second, Chinese.  With his experience as an eternal immigrant very much at home in the city that is the gem of western aesthetic, he draws on his exposure to Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, yet still questions everything.  The result is a worldly playfulness grounded in tradition, yet independent and free from classic artistic trends.